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Strategically plan your metering systems with B METERS

B METERS products are utilised in multiple industries, as we help bring the UK up-to-date with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions the world of metering has to offer.

Even though we have the ability to adapt and evolve our product ranges, our products’ quality shines through when they come together to complete a single metering solution. That is certainly the case with our GSD8-I water meter and our Hydrosonis-ULC thermal energy meter.

Even with recent hindrances on the country and the economy, our products have remained popular and on the lips of many industry professionals. Our cost-effective and reliable solutions help people in commercial and residential industries, and these products are no different.


GSD8-I, Single solution for residential metering

The new GSD8-I single jet, super-dry dial water meter provides a direct reading across 8 numeric rolls, and is available in both cold water – up to 50°C and hot water – up to 90°C, versions, in 15mm and 20mm diameters.

This MID approved, cost-effective solution can be installed in any orientation as it comes with a full-360° rotating dial, making it easier to read no matter what position it is fitted. This saves time and ensures that the meter is always accessible and easy to monitor.

Ideal for residential use, the GSD8-I has superseded our GSD8 and GSD8-RFM meters to allow for the installation of data communication modules, including M-Bus, which allows for the connection of up to 250 different devices, with each of their data readings being run through a single data concentrator.

Since the GDS8-I is already compatible with the wired M-BUS module, this removes the need for extra equipment, including pulse emitting devices and M-BUS signal converting devices, saving our customers money that would be spent on purchasing additional products.

The GSD8-I is also compatible with M-BUS wireless and, upon request, LoRa and NB-IoT transmission protocols. Optional extras include pre-equipment if the customer wishes for a pulse emitter device to be fitted, and a protective lid.

Hydrosonis-ULC, Ideal commercial meter for energy consumption

The Hydrosonis-ULC compact ultrasonic thermal energy meter is designed to measure heating and cooling. It can be used for commercial metering of energy consumption for local heating systems: in residential properties, office buildings, energy plants and similar applications.

Perfect for heat interface units, this MID class 2 meter has an 11-year battery life, ensuring that the meter does not run out of power regularly, giving customers peace of mind and, just as importantly, saving them money. On top of this, the durability and reliability of the meter means it requires very little maintenance, saving even more money and worry for customers.

The meter can be wall mounted and contains enough storage for 24 monthly values, including mid-month values, and is also available with M-BUS or M-BUS wireless output communication interface. This means it can be linked to the same module that the GSD8-I, or other meters, are linked with, providing remote data reading of multiple devices.

No matter what type of solutions you require for water and energy measurement, B METERS UK is sure to have what you are looking for. Our innovative ranges come together to form a single solution, such as the ones mentioned above, so you don’t have to search far and wide to find the right equipment.

If you would like to find out more about our product ranges, or if you have any other burning questions, please visit our contact page. To keep up to date with all things B METERS UK, please give us a follow on LinkedIn.

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