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Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603

Heating & Cooling Meters

Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603

The future-proof heat and cooling meter with full flexibility

MULTICAL® 603 is an all-round calculator, suitable as a heat meter, cooling meter, or combined heat/cooling meter together with 1 or 2 flow sensors and 2 or 3 temperature sensors. The meter is intended for energy measurement in almost all types of thermal installations where water is used as the energy-conveying medium. ultrasonic principle. The meter is intended for energy measurement in almost all types of thermal installations where water is used as the energy-conveying medium.

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MULTICAL® 603 can, in addition to heat and cooling measurement, be used for leakage monitoring, permanent performance monitoring, as power and flow limiter with valve control as well as for energy measurement in both open and closed systems.

According to EN 1434 and MID, MULTICAL® 603 can be designated as a ”calculator” with separate type approval and verification, and it can be delivered either as a separate calculator or as a complete meter, with mounted temperature sensors and flow sensor according to customer requirements.

MULTICAL® 603 has 2 flow sensor inputs that can be used for both electronic and mechanical flow sensors. The pulse figure can be programmed from 0.001 to 300 pulses/liter, and the calculator can be programmed to all nominal flow sensor sizes from 0.6 to 15,000 mÑ/h. The calculator can be delivered with both galvanically connected and separated flow sensor inputs.

The accumulated heat energy and/or cooling energy can be displayed in kWh, MWh, GJ or Gcal, all in the form of seven or eight significant digits plus measuring unit. The display has been specially designed with a view to obtaining long lifetime and sharp contrast in a wide temperature range. Furthermore, MULTICAL® 603 can be delivered in a variant with backlit display (type 603-F).

MULTICAL® 603 is powered by an internal D-cell lithium battery with a lifespan of up to 16 years or a 2xAA lithium packet with a lifespan of up to 9 years. Alternatively, the meter can be mains supplied, either by 24 VAC or 230 VAC.

In designing MULTICAL® 603, great importance has been attached to flexibility through programmable functions and plug-in modules in order to secure optimum use in a wide range of applications. The meter has been configured from the factory and is ready for use. It can, however, be changed/ reconfigured after installation via the front keys of the meter, READy or METERTOOL HCW.

Auto Detect enables the exchange of ULTRAFLOW® X4 on MULTICAL® 603 without the need for reconfiguration (change of the CCC code). MULTICAL® 603 can automatically adjust the pulse figure and qp to match the connected ULTRAFLOW® X4 via Auto Detect. Auto Detect is active with CCC code 8xx and is initiated when the calculator top and base are separated and reassembled.


  • Fully programmable data logger with minute loggers
  • 2-second integration interval
  • 16-years battery lifetime at a reading interval down to 10 seconds
  • Possibility of built-in M-Bus
  • 2 communication modules
  • 7- or 8-digit display resolution
  • User-friendly interface with 3 push buttons
  • Possibility of backlit display
  • Auto Detect of ULTRAFLOW®
  • Mixed fluid compatible

Technical Data

Approval (heat meter)DK-0200-MI004-037
Approval (cooling meter)TS 27.02 009
EN 1434 designationEnvironmental class A and C
Protection class (calculator)IP65
DisplayLCD 7 or 8 digits, digit height 8.2 mm
Energy UnitsMWh – kWh – GJ – Gcal
Heat Meter (temperature range)θ: 2 °C…180 °C[°C]
Heat Meter (differential range)ΔΘ: 3 K…178 K[K]
Cooling Meter (temperature range)θ: 2 °C…180 °C[°C]
Cooling Meter (differential range)ΔΘ: 3 K…178 K[K]

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