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T550 the professional: high-precision, modularity, reliable technology for all heating and cooling applications.


  • Ultrasonic principle
  • Accurate, rugged, non-wearing
  • Full-metal measurement tube resistant to soiling (DuraSurfaceTM)
  • No moving parts, so no mechanical wear
  • No straight pipe sections are necessary
  • Straightforward two-button operation
  • Logbook included as standard
  • Datalogger for monitoring
  • Two slots for communication modules
  • Battery operated up to 16 years or 24 V AC/DC to 230 V
  • Automatic self diagnoses and fault detection

The high-precision ultrasonic heat meter – developed for every application

The ULTRAHEAT®T550 (UH50…) heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meter has been designed specifically for the varied applications of heat and cold measurement: It meets the special requirements of district heating and cooling, local heat and building installation. Whether for a detached house, apartment building or special tariff customer – the dimensions and the specific scope of the T550 are always right. Modularity and flexibility of individual software settings permit ideal adaption to your requirements and applications.

A new standard for flow rate measurement

At the T550 (UH50…) flow rate measurement occurs without mechanical moving parts according to the non-wearing ultrasonic method. The full-metal design is robust and durable and needs no straight pipe sections. This saves space and costs.

With the innovative DuraSurface™, the T550 (UH50…) is setting new standards in measurement stability. For this purpose, volume measuring units up to qp 2.5 are fitted with the special internal profile. DuraSurface™ ensures that interfering out from the outset. That makes the meter more resistant to dirt deposits. This future-oriented innovation ensures measuring accuracy and maintenance-free operation for many years.

A security package enables early detection of tampering and possible problems with the system. So the T550 (UH50…) records and signals incipient soil in the system and offers effective tampering detection on the temperature sensors. The undeletable logbook as a standard feature rounds off this function perfectly. Monthly values also make consumption and measurement values plausible and traceable.

A customised communication

A wide and constantly expanding range of communication modules makes the ULTRAHEAT T550 (UH50…) future-proof. Two serial slots allow the use of parallel communication ways. A standard optical interface allows reading out consumption values over a hand-held terminal and enables smooth integration in different systems.

Technical Data

Approval EN 1434 class 2
Protection class (flow part)IP 54 / (IP65)
Energy UnitskWh / MWh or MJ / GJ
Temperature range5-130[°C]
Max. diff. of temp.120[K]
Min. diff. of temp.3[K]
Switch-off limit0.2[K]
Threaded Connection
Nominal flow (qp)[m3/h]
Max. flow (qs)[m3/h]
Min. flow (qi) (1:100)61561525253560100[l/h]
Response Threshold (variable)2.462.461010142440[l/h]
Pressure loss at qp
(mounting length 110 mm)
Flanged Connection
Nominal flow (qp)[m3/h]
Max. flow (qs)[m3/h]
Min. flow (qi) (1:100)615253560100150250400600[l/h]
Response Threshold (variable)2.461014244060100160240[l/h]
Pressure loss at qp
(mounting length 110 mm)

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