Software Activation
The Wattsense Tower

Gain Visibility and control

Access data and monitor your building from anywhere


  • View dashboards, graphs, and schematics
  • Set up alarms for your equipment
  • Manage multiple sites remotely
  • Connect any IoT sensors, meters, lights, HVAC, BMS…
  • Deploy digital services for more efficient buildings
  • No coding skills required thanks to the Configuration Wizard
Wattsense Tower

The Tower user console


Easily share data and optimise your building management strategy with data visualisation tools.


Your technicians are the first notified when there are issues with the building’s equipment. 


Make informed decisions by analysing the main trends in your building.

Remote Configuration

Benefit from remotely configuring your equipment through the console. Save time and reduce trips to sites.

Live Data

Act using real-time information. Make more informed decisions, respond quickly to events, and improve operational efficiency.


Keep track of all the events that take place on your Tower. An essential tool for monitoring and managing your network.

In less than a day install the box on the electrical cabinet of your building. Connect it to your networks and equipment.

With the Wattsense User Console, set up your devices and network from anywhere in no time and start collecting data.

Integrate digital services via our API. Upgrade your building by retrofitting your BMS.

Choose the subscription plan that’s right for your building.

Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship

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Next Day Delivery

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Free Help & Support

Free Help & Support

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Quality Guaranteed

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