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The smart ULTRAHEAT®T230 is the new generation of ultrasonic heat or cooling meter especially developed and optimised to meet all residential needs.

The meter has impressive features; light in weight, robust, economic efficiency, user-friendliness, and its new individuality. Improved features made for easier handling and understanding.


  • Ultrasonic principle
  • Heat meter, cooling meter or
    combined heat/cooling meter
  • Accurate, rugged, non-wearing
  • Glass-fiber reinforced measurement tube
  • Smart metering for all applications
  • No straight pipe sections necessary
  • Any mounting orientation without limitation
  • Environmental-friendly construction
  • Huge dynamic range:  1:1000
  • Temperature range: 5-90 °C
  • Storage for 24 monthly values
  • 2 monthly set  days
  • Battery operated up to 11 years
  • Optical interface
  • M-Bus Interface (optional)
  • Wireless M-Bus InterfacePulse Interface

Simply the best: The new generation of smart residential heat and cooling meters with a composite-flow part

Light, strong, ecological
To meet market requirements, customer satisfaction and environmental friendliness we have used a new durable material; the robust glass-fiber reinforced measuring tube is very light and makes the meter easy to handle and simplifies the installation. This saves transportation costs and reduces emissions. The reduction of Lithium batteries with less protects the environment as well.

Superiority by economic efficiency
Ultrasonic heating and cooling meters, especially the T230 represent a promising alternative to mechanical meters and it offers a host of impressive and convincing technical advancements.

The T230 has significantly lower pressure losses, which simplify the dimensioning of the meter and economise expensive operating current year by year.

With the huge dynamic range of 1:1000 all flow rates can precisely be measured, even the smallest. The hard-coded starting value amounts only a few litres per hour and wouldn’t be affected by soiling or abrasion.

Confidence by accuracy
The T230 works with the proven ultrasonic measurement technology of B Meters giving the highest accuracy, no maintenance and stable measurement for many years.

Ultrasound measurement of flow is as precise as over-loadable, also insensitive to dirt in the heating water and it ensures a smooth operation over time.

This is what we call state-of-the-art technology.

Technical Data

Approval MID (EN 1434)
Protection class (flow part)IP 54 / (IP65)
Energy UnitskWh / MWh or MJ / GJ
Temperature range5-90[°C]
Nominal pressurePN16[bar]
Max. diff. of temp.80[K]
Min. diff. of temp.3[K]
Switch-off limit0.2[K]
Threaded Connection
Nominal flow rate (qp)[m3/h]
Max. flow (qs)[m3/h]
Min. flow (qi)61525[l/h]
Operating limit1.235[l/h]
Mounting length110110 / 130130[mm]
Thread connectionG¾ / G1G1
Pressure loss at qp
(mounting length 110 mm)
Pressure loss at qp
(mounting length 130 mm)

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